Heads Up! Kids App Reviews

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My 4 year old daughter likes to play the original Heads Up with me but it was limited to just the 1 deck of cards for kids. I had no idea there was an app for kids!! She loves it! My 7 year old son really likes it too. Im so glad I found this.

Best game for kids

Requires them to think of clues. Way better for kids who cannot read yet. My brother enjoys feeling independent while playing the game without help.


Just bought the app and after 5 minutes it crashes each time I open it! Sadly I got it with me and the kids out to dinner!!!

Great app

Very enjoyable great way to get your kids to open up , sadly its been freezing and knocking you off.

Lovely game, as the original

I teach English as a second language and this is great for it! The only thing that I find unfortunate is that the titles of the cards disappear, cause when I play with children, they can describe the opossum, but they forgot the name! So even if I guess opossum, they cant tell me if that was in fact it ... Any way we can make the titles disappearing optional? That would be a great update...! Thanks for the cool new game!



Love this game !!

Me and my cousin we played this game on Christmas Eve and it was soo much fun!!! I love this App

I love u Ellen so thats why I have it!!

Ellen is awesome so thats why the apps awesome!!


The game wont let me play. It crashes when I try to play a pack.

Great app

Get this

Awesome fun!

Everything Ellen touches is awesome!!!! :)

Not compatible with iPad mini

Using my iPad mini and can only see a small square and can choose from only two games. Disappointed kids here!

Screen off

The screen resolution is off it only shows in about 2/3 of the screen on my iPad. Works great on the iPhone

Really fun

Really fun for the kids

So great!

My 3.5 year old loves this game and my husband and I love playing it with her. So funny and great for all ages.

Needs ability to customize deck

I want to use this app to have fun teaching English to Japanese students, but its difficult because I cant browse the deck list and customize what is included and what is not. Please let us toggle on and off specific cards/items!

Definitely better!

If you use your own photos, this app forces you to crop everything into squares instead of leaving them as is so they can fill the whole screen. The good news is that you now get the opportunity to choose which part of the cropped photo is shown. --

Bug in the update!

We LOVE this game, but I just did the update and now it has a problem of getting stuck on the green checkmark screen after almost every clue while the clock is still running! We get time for maybe 2 or 3 clues per game—so frustrating. Fix this bug please! (iPhone 6)

Super fun

My kids love this app. They learn to challenge their own vocabulary in describing each item. Fun to watch the replays!

Great for Parties

This game is great to include the little ones in charades. I wish it recorded the people acting out like the regular heads up.

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