Heads Up! Kids App Reviews

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Great app

Very enjoyable great way to get your kids to open up , sadly its been freezing and knocking you off.


Just bought the app and after 5 minutes it crashes each time I open it! Sadly I got it with me and the kids out to dinner!!!

Best game for kids

Requires them to think of clues. Way better for kids who cannot read yet. My brother enjoys feeling independent while playing the game without help.


My 4 year old daughter likes to play the original Heads Up with me but it was limited to just the 1 deck of cards for kids. I had no idea there was an app for kids!! She loves it! My 7 year old son really likes it too. Im so glad I found this.

Super fun

My kids love this app. They learn to challenge their own vocabulary in describing each item. Fun to watch the replays!

Bug in the update!

We LOVE this game, but I just did the update and now it has a problem of getting stuck on the green checkmark screen after almost every clue while the clock is still running! We get time for maybe 2 or 3 clues per game—so frustrating. Fix this bug please! (iPhone 6)

Definitely better!

If you use your own photos, this app forces you to crop everything into squares instead of leaving them as is so they can fill the whole screen. The good news is that you now get the opportunity to choose which part of the cropped photo is shown. --

Needs ability to customize deck

I want to use this app to have fun teaching English to Japanese students, but its difficult because I cant browse the deck list and customize what is included and what is not. Please let us toggle on and off specific cards/items!

Crops photos unnecessarily

If you use your own photos, this app crops them into squares instead of leaving them as is so they can fill the whole screen. You dont even get the opportunity to choose which part of the cropped photo is shown. --

iPad version

Hey Ellen, I really liked the game heads up pictures and Im glad to play it with my little cousins but the thing is that I want the app to become iPad version because I still see the 1x and 2x button on the screen. So would you do a favor and please put it on iPad version? Thank you, Miguel Trejo

Huge storage without accsess

When we record the video with this app I dont know where is the saved video and I cant clear it. App size is 80 MB but data size is 1.1 GB!!!!! Please fix it. I sent email for developers but They didnt reply to me

So great!

My 3.5 year old loves this game and my husband and I love playing it with her. So funny and great for all ages.


Fun game we can all enjoy as a family the only down side is I cant seem to get it on my iPad for my kids even though it says its available for it

So much fun - my kids love it

My kids wanted to play Monopoly - I suggested we find a short game. This is the ticket. We had so much fun. Probably played longer than we would have if we played Monopoly while having more fun too. I like that they have a picture version. My 4 year old can play along now and had so much fun. Another reviewer mentioned the recordings. In the App settings you can enable or disable recording. It allows you to create a video of the round while you play. After the game you can choose to save or discard the recording. My kids love the replay and think its pretty silly. And once in a while when we have a really funny round we do share it with a few family members. Clever idea - I dont see any security concerns. It records to your phone locally. You can choose to save it or not. And can disable the feature entirely. So we liked it.

Really fun

Really fun for the kids

Fun while it lasted...

The kids had a lot of fun with it for a few rounds, but then it just stopped working. You hit play and the deck closes. Tried re-installing. Really disappointing.

Great game but....

Great game! Kids love it! But it would be so much better if it was available to download on a bigger screen like the iPad

Be careful what you say

This game seems fun but it records everything said. Who knows who can see it and where they are posting it.

Great for littles!

My son absolutely loves this app. He could literally play for hours. Our favorite deck is the animal one obviously. Only improvement would be able to set the timer yourself. Sometimes the countdown after one minute really gets him frustrated.

Great Idea, but...

It crashes every time we try to play. Please fix!!!

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